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Did you know that "communication" is one of the highest paid skills in the marketplace? And if you are a Coach or Speaker your ability to effectively communicate your message can drastically and radically affect your income. How you present your message matters, my friend!

If you are not making the kind of income you would like to make as a Coach or Speaker then it is time to take your skills to the next level and learn to MASTER YOUR VOICE!

It's time to up your marketing game by learning to communicate your powerful message in a way that will be effectively heard by those that are in desperate need of it.

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In This 3-Week Workshop Series You Will Learn How To...

Master Your Message

Learn to communicate your unique message in a powerful and captivating way that will appeal to your ideal clients, and gain the courage and confidence to speak to any audience.

Dominate Your Niche

Want more clients?
They say, "The RICHES are in the niches!" Having clarity on exactly who God is calling you to speak to is a key step in finding your perfect audience and having people jumping to work with you.

Own the Spotlight

Want to know how I made 6-figures my first 6 months as a Coach? I owned the spotlight! Let me teach you to CRUSH live interviews, Zoom Calls, Reels, Facebook Lives, and run online and live events better than most millionaires.

Build for the Kingdom

2022 is just around the corner. Get clarity and focus to launch yourself into a dynamite 2022 and have your best financial year yet because God wants wealth in the hands of those who will do Kingdom work with it!

"I used to be paralyzed by fear. I had a lot of opportunities in my life, but I wasn’t acting on them. I met Summer and heard her speak for 5 minutes about fear being deliberate disobedience to God. I went out and began to implement the things I learned from Summer and made $31,000 in the next two weeks! It was by far the most I had ever made before! "

- Mary -

"For several years, I had a desire to share my knowledge of physical and emotional wholeness. I felt at such a loss on what steps to take until I worked with Summer. I was so grateful she gave me simple steps that I could follow to launch my new coaching program. Within a month after launching my own coaching program, I had 5 clients! I am so grateful for Summer’s skills. Having my own coaching program is a dream come true for me."

- Marlene -

"I can’t think of a better person to learn from on how to hold a successful event online AND offline! I signed up for Summer’s last event in July and was blown away how captivated I was on the screen and truly did not want to miss ONE second of gold! It was one of the BEST virtual events I have ever attended and I can’t wait for the next! Thank you Summer for bringing all of you and giving so generously through your presence on stage - truly a remarkable leader! "

- Christina Rose -

Are You Ready to Become an Unstoppable FORCE for God in the Marketplace by Dominating Your Niche, Mastering Your Message, and Owning the Spotlight?!

This Workshop is for you if you are HUNGRY to learn...

✔️High-level communication skills that will directly affect profits in your business 

✔️Simple and easy ways to find and enroll your ideal clients

✔️How to serve God's people with your powerful message and stop waiting!

✔️Master your message, dominate your niche, and rule the spotlight

✔️Tools to successfully host a profitable online or in-person event in 2022

✔️Step-by-step framework to host zoom calls like a BOSS

✔️Skills to be a powerful and dynamic speaker on all platforms

✔️How to show up with more passion, vision, courage, confidence, and BOLDNESS in your life!

✔️From someone who has taught the techniques of "owning the spotlight" to over 20,000 people!

Your "Master Your Voice" Trainer 

Summer Dey is a highly sought-after International Speaker, Author, and Success Coach who has changed countless lives with her powerful and transformative message of shifting Fear into Faith. She has spoken to and motivated thousands of people on platforms across the globe. She uses her voice and her influence to "set captives free" and ignite vision, passion, and purpose in God's people. 

Summer Dey has been a successful entrepreneur for 20+ years and has worked with over 20,000 people on how to "own the spotlight." She has spent decades on developing her skills and has been coached and trained by some of the greatest motivational speakers on the planet - including Dani Johnson, Dr. Clarice Fluitt, Tamara Lowe, and Les Brown!

Summer Dey made 6-figures her first six months as a Success Coach and has a passion to help others do the same by teaching them to Master Their Voice so they can make a BIG impact for the Kingdom!


In this Workshop Series you'll get 3 power-packed, 90 minute zoom sessions with Summer Dey! 


Tuesday, December 7th 6:30-8:00pm PST
Tuesday, December 14th 6:30-8:00pm PST
Tuesday, December 21st 6:30-8:00pm PST
***ALL Zoom Calls will be recorded and participants will be given access to the recordings.


✔️Simple ways to find your ideal clients

✔️5 skills that will set you apart as a powerful and dynamic speaker

✔️How to run a zoom call like a BOSS

✔️Do Facebook Lives, Stories, Posts, and Reels with ease

✔️Mastering the first 15 seconds

✔️Yes! You can have a podcast

✔️Crush live interviews like Oprah and have people begging to be on your show

✔️Why streaming platforms are your new best friend

✔️How to be ahead of the next trend

✔️How build your own speaking platform

✔️How to rule the stage for live audiences of 100, 1000, or even 10,000

✔️And more!


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