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What if you had the power to INSPIRE, INFLUENCE, AND CONNECT with ANY AUDIENCE?

In this FREE 3-DAY MASTER YOUR VOICE CHALLENGE you will EXPERIENCE LIVE, EFFECTIVE, COMMUNICATION & PUBLIC SPEAKING training that other have paid $$$$ for absolutely FREE! 

May 8th -10th , 2023
10am Central


Once You Master The Stage, You Can Achieve Pretty Much ANYTHING!

Be a part of this 3-day workshop and learn how:

  • Craft Your Message
  • Incorporate Humor Into Your Message
  • Finding The Perfect Topic
  • And Much Much More...
June 1st - 3rd, 2023

September 2023

Join men & women from across the globe as we complete YEAR 3 and shift from Fear into Faith! 

Getting down to the deep roots of what's holding you back so that you can break free and move FORWARD into the dream and vision God has placed in your heart! 

The event is hosted LIVE in Dallas, TX and can also be attended virtually. 

 September 14th -16th, 2023

What People Are Saying:

JeanMarie Kaehler

"I struggled with anxiety, depression and unworthiness for over 15 years. I tried all the "right" things - from counseling to personal development. Not matter what I tried I couldn't seem to get breakthrough to stick. Then I started coaching with Summer and I got more healing in her 90-day program than I did in 15 years of therapy! And I am happy to report that over a year later, the results are still sticking."

Karen Mettam

"Summer created a safe space for me to share my fears, my breakthroughs, my failures and successes. I learned so much through the forgiveness model and God taught me so much about myself through this.

I would recommend any woman to invest in themselves and to do this course. You are worth it!"

Mary De Acetis

"I used to be paralyzed by fear. I had a lot of opportunities in my life, but I wasn't acting on them. Then I met Summer and heard her speak for 5 minutes about fear being "deliberate disobedience to God." I went out and began to implement the things I learned from Summer that day and made $29,000 in the next two weeks! It was by far the most I had ever made before!"

Tina Mader

"I was living in fear and stayed in bed most days, not wanting to even get up and often calling in sick to work. I felt hopeless and suicidal, and was merely existing. I thought I would never be able to solve my problems because I had literally tried everything! I almost didn’t reach out to Summer because I didn’t think I would be able to afford any coaching and felt the urge to just keep on running from my problems like I always did. I joined Summer’s program and my whole life changed! I now feel peace when I wake up, and EXCITED about life because I have learned to love myself for the first time EVER!"

Shannon Gort Eckhoff

"I was completely lost in life. I felt terrified and alone because I was barely functioning and was always in survival mode. Then I joined Summer's Fear Into Faith Coaching Program and I implemented the steps I learned. I now feel incredible confidence, freedom, and self-love. I finally have pride & joy in being WHO I WAS ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.

The BEST decision I ever made was finally investing in myself and joining this program. It literally saved me life!"

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