52 Week Women's Bible Study

Are you ready to join THOUSANDS of women around the globe as we launch our SECOND YEAR of reading the Holy Bible cover-to-cover in ONE YEAR! 

  • Do you have a desire to gain a deeper understanding of God's Holy Word?

  • Have you always wanted to read the bible cover to cover?

  • Have you started to read the bible cover to cover, and given up after only a book or two?


Our Optional Zoom Calls are on Saturdays at 10am PST.


Get ready to join thousands of  like-minded, passionate women that are ready to link arms with you, walk alongside you, and keep you encouraged and inspired to accomplish your goal!

We launched a new group of women on Genesis Chapter 1 on AUGUST 2nd, 2021 - but you can still join in ANY TIME! 

Fill out the information below, and you'll be added to our list of women that are jumping in to take on this CHALLENGE!